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Evoker Best in Slot Guide for Minecraft Dungeons

Evoker Best in Slot Guide for Minecraft Dungeons
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The evoker best in slot is a formidable character in Minecraft Dungeons that is capable of summoning powerful minions and unleashing devastating attacks. To maximize the potential of your Evoker, it’s important to equip them with the best gear available. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the best-in-slot items for the Evoker in Minecraft Dungeons.

Weapon: The best weapon for an Evoker is the “Feral Soul Crossbow.” This unique crossbow is capable of summoning a wolf every few shots, which will fight alongside you and deal additional damage to enemies. The Feral Soul Crossbow can be obtained by defeating the “Soggy Swamp” secret level on Apocalypse difficulty.

Armor: For armor, the “Ember Robe” is the best choice for the Evoker. This robe provides increased attack speed and critical hit chance, which are essential stats for the Evoker. Additionally, the Ember Robe has a chance to cause enemies to explode upon death, which can be useful for clearing out large groups of enemies. The Ember Robe can be obtained by defeating the “Fiery Forge” level on Apocalypse difficulty.

Artifacts: The Evoker has several artifact options to choose from, but the two best-in-slot choices are the “Lightning Rod” and “Corrupted Beacon.”

The Lightning Rod is a great choice for clearing out large groups of enemies, as it unleashes a bolt of lightning that damages nearby enemies. Additionally, the Lightning Rod has a chance to summon a lightning strike that deals massive damage to enemies. The Lightning Rod can be obtained by defeating the “Obsidian Pinnacle” level on Apocalypse difficulty.

The Corrupted Beacon is another great choice for the Evoker, as it deals damage over time to enemies and causes them to take increased damage. Additionally, the Corrupted Beacon has a chance to summon an “Enigma Resonator,” which will periodically heal you and your allies. The Corrupted Beacon can be obtained by defeating the “Dingy Jungle” secret level on Apocalypse difficulty.

Now that we’ve covered the best in slot items

For an Evoker in Minecraft Dungeons, it’s important to note that these are not the only viable options for gearing up your character. Ultimately, the best gear for you will depend on your playstyle, the difficulty level you’re playing on, and the specific mission you’re undertaking.

It’s also worth noting that even with the best in slot items, success in Minecraft Dungeons often comes down to skill and strategy. So, while powerful gear can certainly help, it’s not a guaranteed win.

Overall, the best in slot gear for an Evoker in Minecraft Dungeons includes the Corrupted Seeds artifact, the Frost Bite armor, the Fighter’s Bindings or the Gauntlets of Swiftness for weapons, and the Death Cap Mushroom or Soul Healer for a ranged weapon. However, it’s important to experiment with different items and find what works best for you and your playstyle. Good luck on your adventures in Minecraft Dungeons!


By equipping your Evoker with the Feral Soul Crossbow, Ember Robe, Lightning Rod, and Corrupted Beacon, you’ll be able to maximize their potential and unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. Be sure to use these best-in-slot items the next time you play Minecraft Dungeons with your Evoker character.